Words have the power to build and to destroy



What you say now penetrates their hearts. It takes 20 positive words to reverse the damage done by one negative word spoken over your child. The spoken word enters through the ears, checks into the brain then takes root in the heart.



These words play over and over in their minds throughout the course of their lives. It
doesn’t matter if those cruel words are true or not, or if you meant it or not,
it takes root and slowly kills your child’s self-esteem and self-worth.



They think this is how you see them. Then they begin to see themselves this way, and
accept that this is who they are. If that isn’t traumatizing enough, those
words are carried into adulthood. Even after we are long gone, those words
remain and have played a huge role in the development of your child’s life and
who they become.



Your kids will have enough of their share of insults and negative static from people in the world. Make a decision today to be the one person they can count on in life to bring confidence, security and strength. It’s never to late to learn how to be an encouraging parent for your children. We can help you get on the right track, send me an email to mom@ineedamom.info

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