its time for change..

If you are talking negative about other people and judging them on their poor choices, in front of your children. Then chances are when they are teens or grown, they wont trust you, and will not share anything with you before making permanent mistakes of their own.

There is always a reason why our children refuse to open up to us. You cannot force trust on someone, and you cannot demand it, trust is earned, trust comes from witnessing consistant behavior that is trust worthy.

If we can be more mindful of our actions and behavior, taking into consideration that our children are watching and listening at all times. Knowing that our decisions on how we respond to different scenarios help to mold our relationship with our children. How we react and speak and behave is how they see us. How do we want to be know by our children? Do we want to know that our children only respect us when we are around them, and then when we leave the room, they roll their eyes and disrespect us? Do we want them to whisper to each other that we are just drama out of control?

What do you want in your relationship? What did you desire in your relationship with your parents when you were a youth?  Are we models of what we grew up with, is that just how our family is and always will be?  We don’t have to live by old mentalities, we don’t have to follow the old ways. Take some time to write yourself a letter about what you want in life, in your relationships, in your family. What would be the perfect world for you?  Then, just begin taking steps towards that direction and do the best you can to see it happen. I promise you if you take your role seriously and every day make a point to be the change you want to see happen in your family, you will see it. That will be the greatest reward and your children and future generations will thank you for it.

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