Good morning Moms..


I believe Mothers have one of the most powerful jobs on earth. You know Moms; with God’s help we can influence our children to become world changers and history makers. There is not a better investment that we could make in the lives of our children than giving them as much doses of encouraging words as possible. It costs us very little in time and effort, we have to talk anyway, why not throw in some inspiration too? The reward would be to see them grow healthy and mentally strong, bold and whole.

It’s so important to me that when it’s my time to leave this earth, I want to leave with the confidence in knowing that through the course of my life as a mother I made enough deposits of confidence, security and well-being into my children’s emotional banks. So they would be wise to build on their strengths knowing that they do have something great to contribute to this world. I want them to know how beautiful and precious they are to God and to me and that nothing is impossible for them if they just believe. Most importantly I want them secure and rooted in God, so they will know He is ever present and always able to supply the help that they need and when difficult situations arise they will always feel the pull from God in which direction to go…

There is still time, every day is a new day, another opportunity to make this happen, it’s never too late to begin. As long as we are alive, as long as we can communicate, then we can begin to speak life into our children. We win, by seeing them win.

I want this more than anything, how about you? you can email me, we can help each other, together we can do this. God bless all you beautiful Mamas. I Love You!

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