New Year Resolutions..

Of all the resolutions being tossed back and forth in our minds. I can’t help but to wonder why cant we just make one change that would affect every area of our lives. I wonder what kind of year 2013 will be if we all chose to NOT speak a negative word all year. I believe if we choose to look at the bright side in most thoughts or situations, we can see a positive change in our attitudes and relationships!

woman carrying clothes

For example; Mom has too much laundry to do, her kids are getting the clothes dirty after wearing it once and she is tired of washing. So Mom gets negative thoughts that I wont elaborate on but, they are not nice. Mom entertains those thoughts and begins to stew. Mom gets an attitude with kids, kids feel it and return it. Mom just set the negative atmosphere in her home. Kids start fighting, yelling and before you know it everyone is sent to bed early and no one is happy. Does this sound familiar?


So, Mom, you have too much laundry to do, when the negative thoughts start coming in, shoo them away! Yes, there are lots of dirty clothes, but that means your kids are healthy! They are playing and having fun, they are happy! How wonderful, that they are not laid up at Children’s Hospital fighting for their health like many kids are. How wonderful that they are home safe with you! I can even add another thought, how wonderful that you have plenty of clothes for them to wear and that you have a washer machine that you can wash those clothes in! Oh the list of positive things that you can focus on are many! So, now that we are focused on things that are more positive, mom feels thankful now! Her thoughts towards her kids are now loving and grateful! She has a loving attitude towards them, they return it. Mom just set the Positive loving atmosphere in her home. Kids are getting along, acting respectful and before you know it everyone is happy and has a great evening! Moms, we set the tone in our home.


The kids feed off of us. Sometimes the kids come home negative from another place and your calmness and gentleness and love will calm them down and the tone in your home will eventually cause that negative feeling they have to disappear! Moms, the key is when negative thoughts begin to come into your mind, shoo them away and quickly find positive things to replace them with. I have heard it said, “you cant stop a bird from landing on your head, but you can stop him from building a nest” Be positive Moms, set the positive tone in your home. New year resolution, don’t act positive, BE POSITIVE in every area of life… be the change you want to see happen in your home… Happy New Year!

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