Teen Dating


As adults we know how difficult relationships can be. There are issues of immaturity, insecurities, and often lack of self-control. There are disagreements and arguments and even in many cases betrayal.  In our search for the “right one” dating can be exciting and heartbreaking. Not to mention how hard it can be to focus on work and to stay positive about life when the relationship is going bad.

 Now imagine, trying to handle all of this at age 17 or 13, or even younger? Add to that the temptations physically?

 Parents, be careful in choosing the right age to allow your teens to date.

 I personally don’t think a young lady is ready to date until she is at least 18. By that time she will know more or less who she is and what she wants in life and will most likely choose to wait a little longer to date, after witnessing all the drama her friends have been going through the past few years.

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5 thoughts on “Teen Dating

  1. this is a great enlightenment for parents all over the world who permits early teen dating..

    • Thanks for your comment my dear 🙂 Yes, some of us didn’t have any guidelines so we live and learn. We need to see where our Parents decisions hurt us and helped us and make changes and set guidelines on our own. Parents love their children and want them to go farther in life than we did so we need to enforce change. Thanks again for your comments dear, have a wonderful day!

  2. I agree with “we live and learn” coz it’s really my experience. My mom descends from a conservative family and when I was in my teen age I was not permitted to go on dating and even going out with teen age friends. Tho it somehow made me ignorant and rebelious but I never regret at least I never ended up a teenage mom. Admittedly I married unexpectedly and unprepared but becoming a mom at 23 is quite a responsible age enough and I was able to cope up with all the adversities in my married and mother life. I now have 2 boys ages 8 and 4 and 1 a year-old girl. I believe the world ahead of them is a challenge for me but I commit myself not to treat them like the way I was brought up. It was hard not having freedom it somehow doesn’t give me the sense to be responsible then and I had learn it on my own and the hard way.

    • Having freedom doesn’t teach us responsibility, it gives us outside influences. A teen is more susceptible to make EMOTIONAL decisions. Dating will not give them practice for a healthy relationship, but practice for divorce. I don’t mean lock them up and hide the key. We need to talk to our kids and be the dominant influence in their life. There needs to be balance of restrictions , instruction and love. Discipline without love leads to rebellion. Talk to them in a way where they understand and take on the same heart you have. So you are not locking them up but holding restrictions with a good reason and they don’t challenge it because they understand it and want the same for their own good…. This is the best method, I raised four babies and not one of them ever challenged my dating restrictions because they wanted the same thing I wanted for them and that is for them to win in life.

      • Thank you so much for this additional info. I’m going to bear this learning in mind, so when my kids grow up into teenagers I can guide them and direct them properly. Thanks so much for the enlightenment. I just remembered I became rebellious way back then because my mom failed to be open to me. She failed to talk, she’s always nagging. That’s why I was left hanging..Communication really is the key. That’s why right now I keep on being open to my 8, 4 and even to my 1 year-old daughter.

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